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Services Summary

· Infidelity Investigations
· Background Checks
· Missing Persons
· Criminal Investigations
· Surveillance
· Pre Employment Screening
· Cell Phone Investigations
· Corporate Investigations
· Pre Marital Investigations
· Computer Investigations
· Security Services
· Cheating Spouse Investigations

Customer Testimonials

I tried calling some private investigators near me, but nobody would even answer their phone! I then called Eye Spy Investigations, and they answered right away (even on a Sunday evening). I spoke with Carey and she listened to what I had to say. She really sounded like she cared about my case, so I hired her. She was able to locate my biological mother, and I was able to reunite with her since my birth! Thank you Carey for helping me through this tough time, and allowing me to meet my mother again. You are the best! I would recommend you to anyone.

– Kevin James

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