Political Mudslinging

Political Mudslinging

I have been in office for 22 months now, and I love my job. It allows me to help make our community a better place to live. I am running for re-election this November.

For the last few weeks my opponent, Bill Revoir, has been attacking my personal life. First, he posted my professional modeling pictures on literature in an attempt to make me look bad. One of the pictures shows me in a police costume modeling needle resistant gloves, that my husband and I donated to police officers. The other picture is a shot of me in a bikini getting into a bathtub filled with mineral salts at Henry Ford Hospital on 19 Mile Road Since I have rheumatoid arthritis, I volunteered as a spokesperson to show that these salts can truly relieve arthritis pain and discomfort. The last picture is a picture of me and another girl at a Detroit Lions game, dressed in shorts and a jersey. We were hired by my professional modeling agency to attend this event. My opponent placed this picture on a fake stripper website to make it look like I am a stripper. I have never been a stripper and I have never posed nude.

My opponent also sent out literature stating that I had missed a bunch of meetings in 2007. The thing that upset me the most about this attack is that my opponent knew that I was taking care of my sick mother during the last few months of her life. She was fighting ovarian cancer and needed to be taken to the hospital three times a week for chemotherapy. Since my father passed away two years earlier, I was the only person that could take her to her appointments. My mother passed away in September 2007.

To this day, I have never attacked my opponent. There are many things about him that I could bring up, but I have chosen not to. I believe that the people of Macomb County are intelligent enough to realize that mudslinging and political attacks are childish and cruel, especially when they involve a tragic death.

Thank you so much for your time and understanding. I hope I can remain as your County Commissioner beyond the next election.

Carey Torrice


1. Bill Revoir is NOT a Certified Financial Planner (www.cfp.net/search)

2. Bill Revoir is NOT licensed to give financial advice (www.michigan.gov)

3. Bill Revoir has NO college degree (Verfied on his own literature)

4. Bill Revoir is a “”traveling”” minister (www.bridestobeshows.net)

5. Bill Revoir took a correspondence course to become a minister (www.rhema.org)

6. Bill Revoir left Carey Torrice a $33 million county deficit (www.macombcountymi.gov)

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