8 Democrat Women That Will Make Any Man’s Poll Rise

8 Democrat Women That Will Make Any Man’s Poll Rise

Having already covered the hottest women of the Republican party who guys would undoubtedly date, it seems only fair that we also declare our obsession for the hot women of the Democratic party, who guys would also have no hesitations in dating.

And while it appears that Hollywood is littered with Democratic hotties, the truth is we know them all. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the women who are directly connected to the either the 2012 Presidential campaigns or the party itself.

Perhaps out of respect for the President we’ll put the First Lady, Michelle Obama, at the top of our list.

This one, while completely unreachable to the masses of guys who’d love to take her out to dinner, gave the title of ˜First Lady’ a whole new identity when she filled the spot. No longer did the FLOTUS need to be an aging caucasian woman. Not since Jackie O has there been such a gorgeous, classy, stylish woman on the president’s arm. Regardless of your politics, Michelle Obama is a White House babe.

Our second lady is occasionally pinned as a centrist, but let’s discuss our love for Erin Burnett, anyway.

CNN made an incredibly wise decision the day they brought on immense hottie/left-of-center journalist Erin Burnett to be a part of their team. Not only is she a great choice for television given her visually-pleasing appearance the woman knows her politics.

And having co-anchored CNBC’s ˜Squawk on the Street,’ and ˜Street Signs,’ Burnett has an audience that will likely follow her anywhere she decided to venture.

Carey Torrice

Perhaps the hottest politician we’ve ever encountered, Carey Torrice is a Democrat nearly ever guy can get onboard with.

In fact, TMZ labeled her ˜Hottest Politician in the USA’ back in 2008, when the story of her running for re-election as the Macomb County Commissioner in Michigan broke. Torrice, Commissioner at the time, posted photos of herself on her website that were different than any other political photos the denizens of Macomb County had seen before: they were sexy photos.

Yet by embracing her sexiness for re-election, America fell in love with Carey Torrice.

It’s rare to find a Democrat in the Fox News rolodex, but in order to keep that ˜fair and balanced’ moniker, there are a few. One notable face is Kirsten Powers: a sexy blogger, commentator and columnist who has written for the likes of USA Today, The New York Observer, Salon and the Wall Street Journal.

Since beginning her career, Powers’ position as a political figure is strong, having been seen alongside some fiercely respected people in her world. For a short time she was linked with New York congressman Anthony Weiner, pre-sexting scandal. Once the rumors of his cellular mishap were confirmed, though, Powers called for his resignation from Congress. We love a woman with strong convictions.

Comedian and host of the radio program, ˜The Stephanie Miller Show,’ our next lady surely fits the bill as a hot Democrat. She’s mostly known for gracing the radio mic, but perhaps because of her hot looks and undoubted intelligence Miller has often appeared on television and even the comedy stage. Word on the street is that she prefers the company of woman. Weird, us too!

This Chief White House Correspondent for CBS has definitely received her share of criticism over they years, with a couple of comments being taken to heart by conservatives. The once-upon-a-time commentator for the ˜Today Show’ and MSNBC joined the team at CBS just a couple years ago, working her way up to anchor of ˜This Morning.’ Many Americans now start their day with this beautiful face, and we can see why.

Arizona’s sexy democratic politician Kyrsten Sinema is the 2012 nominee for the state’s 9th district. In fact, just this past August, Sinema won the primary with a heavy 42% pull of the vote. And while politics is surely the main focus here, it should also be mentioned that Sinema is openly bisexual, which is a brave move in a state with such a history of conservative social policy. It’s also hot. Let’s keep focused though, this is about politics.

We know we said no celebrities, but come on; how could we miss a chance to express our love for Kerry Washington? In addition to her impressive performance in ˜Ray’ and ABC’s ˜Scandal,’ Kerry is very open about her political views, and is an advocate for the Obama campaign. She was recently seen holding her own amid the panel of HBO’s ˜Real Time with Bill Maher.’

No matter how the 2012 election ends up unfolding, it’s certain that President Obama has some immense hotness backing him up in his corner. Way to go, bud.



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