Carey Torrice in Real Detroit

Carey Torrice in Real Detroit

Real Detroit Weekly

D Days (June 30, 2010)

From Woodbridge to the Water

D-days went shopping at the Diva Groove Fashion House in Detroit on Saturday as designer Dana Keaton launched her Great Legs Collection. After buying a fly mini, we hit up the Beach Grill on Jefferson for Hottiefest, put on by John Schoenith & CK. DJ Godfather rocked the house and people partied from the bar to the boats. Bartender Mandi hooked us up with a shot of “semen” or wait, was it “sea men” (vodka, lime and a mystery ingredient)? Whatever. After getting our groove on indoors, we stepped onto the patio for some fresh air and spotted Carey Torrice and Tiffany Stone lookin’ fine. Hottiefest, indeed.

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