Carey Torrice shuts down “I Heart Dogs”

Carey Torrice shuts down “I Heart Dogs”

A Pet Store called I “Heart” Dogs, opened July 18th and closed August 26th. It all happened at Partridge Creek Mall right in commissioner Carey Torrice’s district, which happens to be a dog friendly mall (sources say it was a puppy mill.) Commissioner Carey Torrice was contacted by many concerned animal lovers, who knew she could get teh job done! Carey Torrice did some under cover PI work. Employees who work in the mall said the puppies were left alone all night during closing hours. Sources said The puppies cry all night while we take inventory, it just breaks our hearts. That’s when Carey Torrice put a call into PETA. Spies on location witnessed PETA volunteers picketing in front of the pet store owner’s home until they gave in and decided to close the I heart dogs store. SUCCESS!

Let’s educate the people what puppy mills are all about!

FYI: PUPPY MILLS BREED MISERY! Puppy Mills :breeding dogs who have given their entire lives to the industry producing litter after litter in tiny cages with no food or water. The most effective way to eliminate puppy mills is to educate the public that if they buy a dog in a pet store they contribute to an industry that supports puppy mills. If the public knew that this horrific industry could be ended if they would refuse to buy a dog in a store, they would instead buy their dog from a reputable breeder, or adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue. Then the stores would stop selling puppies and the puppy mills would go out of business.

“I’m on a mission to speak for those helpless animals who can’t speak for themselves.” – Carey Torrice

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