Commissioner Torrice would like to address the hundreds of emails and phone calls she has received regarding a possible tax increase in Macomb County:

On Wednesday, March 25th 2009, at a budget committee meeting, Macomb County Commissioner Carey Torrice voted NO on a recent proposal to increase taxes for Macomb County residents.

Commissioner Torrice has promised not to raise taxes and fully believes that a tax increase, especially during this time of unprecedented economic downturn, will only make things worse for her constituents.

Commissioner Torrice would rather work with all 26 commissioners and come up with a solution to reduce county expenses. Commissioner Torrice believes that with enough hard work and dedication, this goal will be achieved, without raising taxes.

Although Commissioner Torrice voted against the increase, her “no” vote was a minority vote. The tax increase proposal passed 13-12 (out of 26 commissioners). One commissioner was not present to cast his vote. Since this budget committee proposal passed, the matter will be brought before the full board meeting in April. If the majority of the commissioners votes “yes”, then taxes will be increased. If the majority votes “no”, then taxes will not increase.

Commissioner Torrice appreciates all of the emails and phone calls. However, you should contact your county commissioner and let them know how you feel about this issue. A complete list and geographical location of all commissioners is available on the Macomb County website.

Thank You.

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