Crazy Candidate of the Day — Sexy Cleavagey Edition

Crazy Candidate of the Day — Sexy Cleavagey Edition

Friday, July 2, 2010

Crazy Candidate of the Day — Sexy Cleavagey Edition

This is Carey Torrice:

Carey would like to be re-elected as county commissioner for Macomb County, Michigan. That’s right, RE-elected. According to her website, she is not only county commissioner, but also an actress, model, and Private Eye! And if you don’t believe that she’s a real actress, she has a photo gallery of herself with famous celebrities to prove it. Like this one:

Carey meets Chelsea Handler – Photo

Carey meets and chats with the best-selling author
during her book signing tour in Birmingham, MI. You think they let just anyone wander into Borders and meet a celebrity who’s there to meet people and sell books? No no my friend, that’s A-listers only! And speaking of A-Listers — It’s Frank! Frank Sinatra with Carey Frank Sinatra’s Vegas impersonator takes the Rat Pack Show to MCC’s Performing Arts Center Also, she does foot modeling. Seriously, she has a section of her website dedicated to foot modeling.

Carey Torrice is also a foot model. Carey’s feet are shown in Nailco’s advertisements. Why should you vote for Ms. Torrice? Well just look at her position on physical fitness!

Carey Torrice stresses physical fitness

And does she support the troops? Boy, does she!

Carey Supporting Our Troops – Photo

I am the daughter of a U.S. Marine. I fully support our men and women in uniform! Semper Fi

Plus, one of these ladies is apparently County Commissioner Carey Torrice:

Carey as an official hottie at the Hottiefest Was her opponent ever named an “official hottie?” Probably not. And just check out this photo’s caption:

Carey Torrice on the set of a movie she filmed That’s right A Movie. A movie that she filmed. You know who else was in a movie? Ronald Reagan! And he went on to be president. Just sayin’. If that’s not enough to convince you, get a load of this!

So all that seems kinda weird for her own campaign website, but is it really crazy? No, here’s the crazy part: From the Detroit Free Press

This time, Torrice, 33, and her husband, Michael Torrice, 39, of Fraser are under investigation following a mysterious accident in which an acquaintance and fellow private investigator appeared to hurl himself at an SUV driven by Jeffery Sprys, Carey Torrice’s opponent in the Aug. 3 Democratic primary, according to a May 27 police report.

That night, just moments after the crash, police stopped the Torrices a few blocks from the scene. Police said they found Michael Torrice with an unregistered handgun, and the car had an unregistered license plate. Sprys has told police that Michael Torrice has been following him and going through his garbage on the curb.So please consider voting for Carey Torrice for County Commissioner this Fall. Remember. . . .

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