Hollywood prop house having going out of business auction

Hollywood prop house having going out of business auction

Auction tags placed on Egyptian sculptures are on display at 20th Century Props in North Hollywood, California July 20, 2009. Hollywood’s second-largest prop house is going out of business with its owner saying he has fallen victim to film and TV production leaving California for other U.S. states that lure producers with tax incentives and fewer restrictions. The prop house is auctioning off its inventory Tuesday through Saturday Aug. 1 and plans to close.

Michigan brings back Hollywood Glamour to the Motorcity!

Michigan’s film incentive program is now the most aggressive in the nation. Not only is it designed to increase the number of productions filmed on location in Michigan, it is designed to attract production facilities, grow industry activities that support film production, create jobs, and train workers for those jobs.

This program is designed to attract studio lots and production houses that will be employing people and growing an industry to support the short-term filming that happens on location. We’ve seen the excitement that is generated when a movie is filmed on location, such as ˜Somewhere in Time’ on Mackinac Island, ˜Hoffa’ in Detroit, ˜Escanaba in Da Moonlight’ in the Upper Peninsula, and ˜Road to Perdition’ in Saugatuck. We want to turn that excitement into jobs

Here are some of the incentives:

Fast Facts

Must spend at least $50,000 in Michigan to be eligible.

40% refundable tax credit, across the board on Michigan expenditures.

Claim an extra 2% if filming in one of the 103 Core Communities in Michigan (click the link to download and print a map of the core communities).

Labor and Crew: 40%-42% Resident Below the Line. 40%-42% Above the Line regardless of domicile. 30% Non-resident Below the Line.

$2 million salary cap per employee per production. There is no other cap and no sunset.

Please visit www.Michiganfilmoffice.org for more information

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