Josh Strickland meets his real mom on ‘Holly’s World’

Josh Strickland meets his real mom on ‘Holly’s World’

Josh Strickland is one of Holly Madison’s best friends. He is on her show ‘Holly’s World.’ On this week’s episode, it was very emotional for him. Josh was adopted as a newborn and has been looking for his birth mother. He hired a couple that are private investigators to help him with the search.

The investigators had him come home to Charleston, South Carolina. They met with him and told him that they had tracked his mother down. She was alive and well still living in the area. Her name is Cindy.

Josh was able to have her come down to the restaurant where they were eating and get a chance to meet her. His friend Angel was there the entire time helping him along the way. The mother who raised him, Sara, was also there to make him feel comfort.

Josh cried a lot when he found out that she was still alive and he would get to meet her. At the end of this episode, we saw her walking up and they began to hug.

Next week on ‘Holly’s World,’ we will get to see Josh actually meet his mom and find out more information her. Spoiler alert! Josh will find out that he has three sisters.

‘Holly’s World’ is on in the Oklahoma City area at 9:30 pm CST on E! network.

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