The Macomb Daily Insider published the story below about Carey Torrice on Sunday, November 9, 2008. The story attacks Carey for wearing a “party animal” t-shirt to her campaign victory party on election night (how ridiculous…it was a party for Pete’s sake!). We think that was wrong. Had the Insider looked closely, they might have noticed that the images on Carey’s shirt depict the Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant dancing and partying with each other. Carey felt that by wearing this shirt, it would show that, despite all of the attacks and political mudslinging during any election campaign, when all is said and done and the election results are in, everyone can come together as one and work to make this world a better place, despite their party affiliation. We are sorry that the Insider doesn’t have enough common sense or sense of humor to understand Carey’s shirt. Thank God everyone else in this world does!

Insider: Is it 16 minutes yet for this commissioner?

Sunday, November 9, 2008 6:57 AM EST

By the Macomb Daily Staff

County Commissioner Carey Torrice protested that Republicans’ opponents had “little class” when they sent an election mailer featuring a stripper on a pole with a message about Torrice embarrassing her constituents. The flier was based on Torrice’s appearance on the Web site, which pictured her with another woman, both scantily clad. Torrice said she had not approved her inclusion on the site. It surfaced at about the time Torrice lobbied to be named on Web site TMZ as the country’s “hottest politician.” TMZ was littered with photos of over-bleached Torrice posing provocatively.Torrice tried to fan the flames of her 15 minutes of fame by inviting TV show “Inside Edition” to a Board of Commissioners meeting where she vamped for the cameras while her husband screamed at her detractors.

When the segment aired, it featured her holding a campaign sign in a yellow bikini.”I don’t know why they keep deviating from the issues at hand,” Torrice bewilderingly told a local newspaper. Despite the controversy, Torrice won re-election this week by beating the Rev. William Revoir.Torrice showed up at her victory party in a baby-sized T-shirt emblazoned with the words “party animal.” (emphasis added) If that’s class, the Insider may have to reassess his definition to include beer cozies, fanny packs, and “I’m with stupid” paraphernalia.

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