Professional Decoys Uncover Cheating Partners

Professional Decoys Uncover Cheating Partners

Decoys Can Find If Your Spouse Is Cheating

Professional Decoys Uncover Cheating Partners

UPDATED: 9:48 am CST December 2, 2005

For the past five years, a woman named Carey has been frequenting local bars. She’s an undercover decoy, trying to catch cheating spouses in the act.

Carey shared her decoy secrets with Detroit television station WDIV


A company called Eye Spy in Fraser, Mich., gets paid to help partners find out if their spouse is cheating.

“A lot of cheating occurs in the workplace and during the lunch hour,” said Mike Torrice of Eye Spy.

Cheating spouses get physical in parking lots, cozy up in local motels and make out in public, all from the secrecy of a parked car. But some wives opt for a plan involving decoys to catch their cheating husbands.

At Eye Spy, Torrice has 20 different decoys on standby ready to put your man or woman to the test.

He has a book of pictures and photos that let a client pick what kind of decoy they want.

“One of the worst things that tells me they’re cheating is if they have a tan line on their finger, that’s a dead ringer they’re married,” said Carey.

Torrice’s advice to cheaters?

“Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. We’ll get you. Eventually, everyone gets caught,” he said.

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