14 (More!) of the Hottest Women in Politics

14 (More!) of the Hottest Women in Politics

Everyone’s got their own tastes, and after 15 Of The Hottest Women in Politics there was plenty of feedback to attest to that. Here we have 14 more women, all involved politically, all demanded by their faithful masses. Disregarding their political views, these women certainly all have one thing in common; among their peers they are hot.

Carey Torrice

The Macomb County Commissioner of Macomb County, Michigan, Carey made a name for herself by being quite possibly the single hottest woman to ever enter politics in the United States. As if that wasn’t enough, she thought she’d own up to her status by posing in front of just about any camera within range of her, and even do it in bikinis and sexy costumes. She even set up her own gallery to show the world how ridiculously hot she is.


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