‘Holly’s World’ Recap: Finding Family w/ Eye Spy

‘Holly’s World’ Recap: Finding Family w/ Eye Spy

Josh and Angel travel to Charleston to meet the private investigators and learn about the information they’ve collected. Angel is happy to be a part of the process and give Josh the extra support. Josh takes Angel to his childhood home and reintroduces her to his adoptive parents. Josh’s pictures flood the house and Angel loves learning more about Josh’s past.

Josh talks with his parents about his upcoming meeting with the private investigators. His mother says she will be supportive of the search and recounts the trouble it took to adopt a child. Her story reveals how Josh came into their lives after a friend’s phone call sought parents to take a patient’s child.

Josh reveals his feeling of emptiness growing up comes from the knowledge that some other set of parents exists out there in the world. He believes the encounter will be a roller coaster of emotion and asks his parents to come to the restaurant for support. Josh says he feels ready for the next step.

At the restaurant, the PI’s reveal Josh’s birth mother worked at a Piggly Wiggly over 30 years ago. One of the employees working there during that time revealed his mother was charismatic, with customers always lining up in her aisle to talk with her. Through these leads, the PI’s located both his grandmother and birth mother. After speaking with Josh’s birth mother, the investigator’s reveal his mother is living near Charleston and that she can meet him right then if he would like. Josh becomes extremely emotional during the meeting and agrees he wants to meet his birth mom. First, however, Josh asks his adoptive mother to come upstairs and lend him some support.

Josh’s mom becomes emotional as well, and says she’s going to give her a hug because she has so much admiration for the woman who gave her family such a gift. Josh’s mom believes his birth mother must have loved him so much to give him up. Josh’s birth mother calls back and informs the party that she is outside.

Next time: Holly receives negative backlash in the press for gaining weight. Josh finally meets his birth mother and finds out he has three sisters.


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