‘Holly’s World’ Recap: Josh Strickland finds his birth mother!

‘Holly’s World’ Recap: Josh Strickland finds his birth mother!

˜Holly’s World’ Recap: Holly Madison Goes On A Sexy Spa Date!

Elsewhere, emotions run high as Josh Strickland finds his birth mother!

The March 20 episode of Holly’s World opens with Holly Madison inviting one lucky friend, YouTube singing sensation Nichole337, to spend a lavish weekend with her in Vegas. Holly reached out to Nichole after coming across one of her videos online and being quite moved. Holly said, I definitely feel a connection with Nichole she reminds me a lot of myself as a young kid. I was also from a small town and I had a lot of dreams growing up.

Holly, Nichole and Holly’s roommate Laura Croft enjoyed a day of pampering and a makeover at Qua Spa at Caesars Palace before attending Holly’s hand-printing ceremony at Planet Hollywood. Nichole went to the event as Holly’s personal guest of honor how sweet!

Meanwhile, Holly’s Peepshow costar Josh Strickland took Holly’s best friend and former assistant Angel Porrino to Charleston, S.C. to follow up with private investigators he hired to locate his birth parents. Josh asked his adoptive mother to come to the meeting in the event his birth parents were found.

The private investigators told a teary-eyed Josh they found both his grandmother and birth mother. Josh broke down with tears of joy as he found out his birth mother lives nearby and could come to the restaurant right away!

We are so happy Josh found his birth mother and CAN’T WAIT to see their reunion on Holly’s World next week!


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