Breitbart: hotter, younger candidates needed

Breitbart: hotter, younger candidates needed

Breitbart: hotter, younger candidates needed November 24, 2008 at 3:17 pm by Wayne Garcia

Sarah Palin was just the start, if Andrew Breitbart’s commentary in the Washington Times is any indication:

The future of the Grand Old Party needs to be dangerously youthful, devastatingly attractive and outrageously fun.

Throw the liberal baby boomer bums out. And let’s elect to higher office some good-looking, freedom-loving Net Generation babes. Face it: Democracy needs a face-lift and a youth movement. (I’m from Los Angeles, what can I tell you?)

Sounds like a night clubbing in downtown St. Pete.

I hate to tell Breitbart, but TMZ already beat him to this brilliant deduction.

This Michigan county commissioner, Carey Torrice, has a back-story that is a poiltical consultant’s wet dream:

I have been a resident of Macomb County my whole life. I graduated from Chippewa Valley High School. I also have a degree from Macomb Community College. I have a very supportive family, whose morals, religious and political views have shaped my ambitions to be active in community events. My Wonderful husband is a Macomb County business owner. My Father USMC Sergeant Larry DeJaeghere was a Vietnam Veteran. He was laid to rest in 2005 at Arlington National Cemetery. My Mother was a spokesperson and survivor for Ovarian Cancer awareness for over 20 years. She passed away in 2007, but has inspired me to carry on her message. My father-in-law has been a doctor in Macomb County for almost 40 years. My mother-in-law is a public schools teacher.

Only one problem; She’s a D. (As in Democrat.)

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