The Sexiest Women in Politics

The Sexiest Women in Politics


Aside from the occasional picture of Margaret Thatcher on the bedroom walls of young Conservatives, there’s never really been a pin-up girl in British politics.

But beyond British shores, things are a little different. In north America, Europe and the far east, the likes of Sarah Palin, Ruby Dhalla, Mara Carfagna and Yuri Fujikawa have brought glamour and style to traditionally staid political scenes.

While power is certainly an aphrodisiac, we’ve not chosen on seniority, there’s everyone from lowly ministers to presidents on this list – as long as they’re a serving politician, they’re eligible. In no particular order then, here are MSN Him’s 10 sexiest female politicians.

The sexiest women in politics

Carey Torrice

While the office of County Board of Commissioners in Macomb, Michigan may not have a great deal of legislative power, it is still an elected political office which means we can happily include 33-year-old Carey Torrice on our list.

The former Miss Teen Detroit, model, actress and licensed private investigator attracted fans from far outside her county when she was voted America’s sexiest politician in 2007. Since then, her website has received more than two million visitors – no doubt attracted by her robust stance on animal rights.

Find out more about Carey Torrice at her official website

On Bing: photos of Carey Torrice

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