Walter C. Steffens

Walter C. Steffens

Wow! We just found out that Walter C. Steffens resided at Eye Spy in the mid 1900’s. Steffens, Walter C. of Macomb County, Mich. Republican and Attorney. Candidate for Michigan state house of representatives from Macomb County 2nd District, 1944; candidate for Michigan state senate 11th District, 1954. I guess my Husband and I were persuaded to run for office by another “force” Eye Spy is so haunted.

The plaque reads; In loving memory of Fraser’s most prominent citizen of the past This monument is dedicated by a grateful citizenry to the memory of Walter C. Steffens 1886 “ 1963 Through his untiring efforts, this park in the center ot the city was obtained and developed he was president of the Village of Fraser for 29 years, as well as, the city’s first justice of the peace. His helpfulness to all who needed his help and counsel made him beloved in his community. Children loved him for his openhanded generosity to them and his interest in them. A strong supporter of his church in word and deed, he was highly regarded by all. Steffens was an attorney and became the first president of the Village of Fraser in 1928. To help to build Fraser and other communities in the county he proposed and pushed for the construction of the main highway through the city, M-97/ Grosebeck Hwy. named after Alex J. Groesbeck who was the sitting Governor of Michigan at that time. This road became, and is still today, mostly an industrial business row which also helped in the economics of many of Detroit’s eastern suburbs.

Location: At Steffens Park

The above image is a photograph of what we found at Eye Spy under the old wall paper.

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