Carey Torrice is back and here to stay.

Carey Torrice is back and here to stay.

“About a week ago, many news and media outlets posed the question: Carey Torrice back? Well, after viewing her many sites and interviewing her people, the answer is rather resoundingly: Yes! It is a return to glamour and fabulousness for the blonde bombshell diva who, less than a year ago, dealt with major controversy”.

A source close to the star spills “Carey has one of those rare superstar qualities that are here to stay.” Carey Torrice responded “I am here to stay. I’m building an empire.”

Torrice is rumored to be working with one of Hollywood’s top stylist. She is slated to star in several projects in 2012. Details to come.

So many questions. So few answers! A couple other details must be noted: 1) Carey Torrice’s abs and body are still amazing. In case you were wondering.

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