Carey Torrice’s State Representative promise

Carey Torrice’s State Representative promise

Take Action! I support legislation that will hold insurance companies accountable when they break their promise to consumers and wrongfully deny legitimate claims.

It could happen to any of us – and does. Michigan is one of only four states that doesn’t protect its consumers from some of the most outrageous practices in the home, auto and health care insurance industries – wrongful denial.

Wrongful denial refers to tactics that some insurance companies use to boost their profits by delaying or denying legitimate property, auto or health care claims at the expense of the consumer. Behind every wrongfully delayed or denied claim is a family whose lives have been ruined because an insurance company refused to do what it promised.

Please join us in standing up for Michigan consumers – sign our petition to show your support. Help us hold insurance companies accountable when they break their promises.

Our plan will:

Strengthen consumer protections by punishing insurance companies that illegitimately deny consumer claims with penalties including a $1 million fine.

Punish corporate leaders who knowingly create, foster or encourage wrongful denial of claims by making the misconduct a felony that could result in four years in prison plus a $50,000 fine.

Create a whistle-blower protection plan to shield employees who report that an insurance company is engaging in wrongful denial of claims.

Require insurance companies to repair a consumer’s credit rating when harmed by wrongful denial of coverage.

Sign the petition!

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