Commissioner Controversy

Commissioner Controversy

Commissioner controversy

Macomb County Commissioner Carey Torrice is the target of an attack ad by Republicans hoping to take advantage of images of her in bikinis and scanty cop uniforms.

The Macomb County Republican Party sent out thousands of flyers this week of a silhouetted stripper dancing on a pole that reads: “Hasn’t County Commissioner Carey Torrice caused Clinton Township taxpayers enough embarrassment?”

The flyer also shows Torrice posing for a photo on a local stripper Web site.

Torrice denies ever being a stripper but says there’s nothing wrong with posting photos of herself in revealing outfits on her Web site.

Those photos prompted celebrity gossip Web site to name her America’s Hottest Politician.

Torrice faces William Revoir, an ordained minister who served three terms as a commissioner before Torrice defeated him in 2006.

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