Ex-Macomb politician capitalizes on Trayvon Martin shooting

Ex-Macomb politician capitalizes on Trayvon Martin shooting

The husband of former Macomb County commissioner Carey Torrice on Wednesday defended setting up a website related to the Trayvon Martin shooting death in Florida to direct readers to her website accepting donations for ovarian cancer research. Michael Torrice said the couple registered the domain as a way to generate traffic to her website and help a charity that is dear to her since her mother passed away from ovarian cancer in 2007. We are always looking for ways to promote traffic to the site, Michael Torrice said. We think it’s a very worthwhile effort because it’s helping to save lives. We are not making one dime from this. All of the money goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., earlier this week launched a website seeking donations to his legal fund. He was charged with second-degree murder on Wednesday.

The website gained media coverage, which is how the Torrices learned of it. On Tuesday, they established a Web address similar to Zimmerman’s. Theirs is therealgeorgezimmerman.net instead of therealgeorgezimmerman.com. Anyone who may accidentally type in the dot.net address instead of the dot.com one is re-directed to Torrice’s own website on the ovarian cancer page. Michael Torrice, who runs a private detective agency in Fraser, said he did not believe the move was in poor taste. He stressed he and his wife take no position on the Florida shooting, adding the couple was merely using the media as a tool to improve their charitable efforts. What’s in poor taste is the media outlets such as CNN and NBC for exploiting the situation for ratings so they can take in millions of dollars in advertising while they are fanning the flames of racial divide, he said. We said why not take the overage and try to save some lives. Carey Torrice, who served two terms as a county commissioner until she was not re-elected in 2010, is no stranger to controversy.

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