Hottest Politician In Office

Hottest Politician In Office

Our friends at TMZ are on the prowl for the hottest politician and one of the hottest competitors, Carey Torrice, is making waves with her beautiful face and sexy body and politcal know-how. Carey Torrice is Macomb County Commissioner, and from the looks of it she doesn’t mind showing profoundly exposing pictures of herself on the internet for all to see.

The pictures found were not just uncovered on some random website, but found on her official website for all the fans of Macomb County to see. She looks dressed like a pornstar in some of the pics, one of which she is pretending to be a sexy cop with her chest almost completely exposed in her open police collar. If you ask me, something is strangely sexy about a hot chick holding a gun…I really think you should see for yourself.

Her qualifications are also noted:

*Graduate of Chippewa Valley High School *Graduate of Macomb Community College *Lifelong Macomb County Resident *Helps raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy Association *Spokesperson for the Mount Clemens Mineral Baths products *Member of the National Association of Women Business Owners *Family member of Italian-American Chamber of Commerce *NRA Life Member – Safety Awareness for Children*Lifetime member of the Michigan Humane Society

According to TMZ, “It’s gonna be hard to beat Michigan’s Carey — but we’re looking for pics of the hottest politicians from your neck of the woods. Men or women, it doesn’t matter — click here to send us your candidate candids (with all their information).”

TMZ knows how to deliver the goods, here are the pictures I know you are salvating to see – Click Here (c) tPC On her website she has this posted in her bio:

“As your Macomb County Commissioner, I believe that an elected official must be easily accessible to their constituents. I promise that if you ever contact me with a problem, I will immediately do my best to fight and resolve the issue. During my term in office, I have worked diligently as your County Commissioner. I have fought for many things. Some of the important things I have fought for are: a four-year university, cleaning the roads, water quality, fighting to keep the library open, treatment of animals, education, promoting new business in Macomb County to create more jobs and balancing the budget. All of this has been accomplished without raising taxes.”

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