Private Eye’s to the rescue on Holly’s World

Private Eye’s to the rescue on Holly’s World

Josh, accompanied by Angel, goes to Charleston to find out what the private investigators have learned about his birth mother. They stay at Josh’s parents’ house, where his parents are supportive and agree to be nearby for his meeting with Mike and Carey, the detectives. Meeting with Mike and Carey at a restaurant, Josh learns that they found his birth mother and that she is in Charleston and willing to come to the restaurant immediately to meet him. Josh is overcome with emotion. Meanwhile, Nichole, a YouTube personality (“Nichole337”) who has become a friend of Holly’s, comes to Las Vegas to spend the day with Holly. Holly takes Nichole to a spa and a salon for a makeover, and then invites her as her guest of honor to a ceremony where Holly puts her handprints in cement for Planet Hollywood

IMDB Rating

7 out of 10




Release Date

20 March 2011






Holly Madison, Angel Porrino, Josh Strickland, Laura Croft, Perez Hilton, Claire Sinclair, Jimmy Strickland, Sara Strickland, Carrie Torrice , Mike Torrice

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