Animal Welfare “In Limbo”

Animal Welfare “In Limbo”

Macomb County news briefs

May 18, 2008

COUNTY-WIDE: Animal-welfare proposal on hold

A proposal to create a committee to help the Macomb County Animal Shelter reach its goal of sparing the lives of all healthy dogs and cats is in limbo.

Most county commissioners opposed the proposal Thursday, but Commissioner Carey Torrice said she isn’t giving up and plans to soon ask colleagues to reconsider.

Torrice wants a committee of 26 volunteers to draw up animal-welfare recommendations, including those that would reduce the euthanasia rate at the tax-funded shelter in



Torrice successfully led a resolution in March to urge the shelter to find ways to stop euthanizing healthy animals.

The shelter euthanizes more than 6,000 dogs and cats a year, or nearly half of the animals that enter.

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