Michigan Film Industry at Risk

Michigan Film Industry at Risk

Film Tax Incentive Program At Risk

Lawmakers Want Incentive Plan Scrapped

The future of Michigan’s film tax incentive program could be at risk.

Some state lawmakers are questioning whether Michigan is getting enough return on its investment for the $100 million in tax incentives.

A series of bills are being introduced in Lansing to end the Michigan film incentive, which many say would kill the movie-making business in Michigan.

Movie-Making Biz In Mich. Could Be At Risk

“This is not a tax credit. This is subsidizing businesses. This is paying up to 42 percent of their bills here in Michigan,” said Rep. Pete Lund.

The state film office said $125 million was spent in Michigan movie productions last year and the tax incentive created 2,763 new jobs.

A state house report said only $65.4 million of that was spent in Michigan.

Michigan paid out $48 million in incentives and invested another $65 million to entice moviemakers.

Thirty-five movies were made in Michigan last year.

Supporters said area businesses have seen a big boost and the movie industry buzz has also been beneficial.

Macomb County Commissioner and actress Carey Torrice said the Michigan manufacturing jobs are no longer supporting Michigan, so the state needs to entice new industries.

“For every million dollars the film industry spends, the state has to write a check for $420,000. However, not only has it boosted morale around here, it’s kept people employed. It’s created jobs for carpenters crew members, hotels, caterers — you name it,” said Torrice.

Torrice challenged Lund’s knowledge of the movie industry. ” Pete Lund has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s never been on a movie set. I have worked with Clint Eastwood.”

Torrice recently joined forces with Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Kid Rock to launch, www.Iliveinmichigan.com, a Web site that aims to promote the movie business in Michigan.

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