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carey torrice: change we can believe in

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The William Crouchman Era is over. After two long years, a full term really, change will come to Macomb County this January. We will never forget Crouchman’s dramatic election as chairman of the Macomb County Commission. It was an historic moment when Commissioner Dana Camphouse-Peterson crossed the aisle, betraying her Democratic allies, to support Crouchman, also a Democrat. A white puff of smoke floated above the county building in Mount Clemens and doves soared across the sky. The world knew that a new chairman had been chosen. Macomb County is just that awesome.That moment, like the first glorious starbursts of youthful love, is but a pleasant memory, faded now, haunting the deep recesses of our minds.Conventional wisdom tells us Paul Gieleghem will be the next chairman. Gieleghem is young, popular, and he brings to the job experience as a former state legislator. He’s also milquetoast boring. In a region historically dominated by colorful and bombastic politicians like Ed McNamara and Brooks Patterson, Macomb cannot afford good, gray governance from either party. The county needs leadership with charisma, panache, and even some sex appeal. The choice is clear. The Macomb County Commission needs Carey Torrice as chairwoman.This solution is so plainly obvious, so necessary, that it is a wonder citizens haven’t taken to the streets to demand it.Torrice handily won re-election this week despite attempts by jealous fuglies to unseat her. She is America’s sexiest politician according to TMZ. Think about that. Not just the sexiest politician in Macomb County or Michigan but the entire United States. Look at the picture above. Not only is Torrice smoking hot but she knows Tony Danza. The man is a legend. Has Paul Gieleghem ever met Tony Danza? Doubtful.Bob Ficano, Ken Cockrel, and Brooks Patterson are nothing to look at. A Torrice chairwomanship would certainly make the Big 4 meetings of local leadership easier on the eyes.Dynamic, sexy leadership. It’s what Macomb County needs. God knows, you aren’t going to get that from Betty Slinde, Ed Bruley, Joan Flynn, or Leonard Haggerty. Please Macomb County Commission, do the right thing. Make Carey Torrice your fearless leader. (Macomb Daily)

Posted by Woodwards Friend at 11/08/2008

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