Hot pics jeopardize elected officials campaign

Hot pics jeopardize elected officials campaign

Hot Pics Jeopardize Elected Official’s Campaign

October 5th, 2008

As Macomb County grapples with a record-breaking budget deficit that threatens dozens of jobs and services, County Commissioner Carey Torrice is grabbing all the attention for scantily clad photos of her sweeping across cyberspace and now a video of her posing in a bikini for national television.

Bikinis are my favorite thing to wear, Torrice said on television’s Inside Edition this week.

The 31-year-old Democrat first captured the spotlight last week after entertainment and celebrity gossip Web site,, named her America’s Hottest Politician because of photos she posted of herself on the Internet. The photos show her in revealing cop costumes with plunging necklines and short skirts.

The occasional model and actress acknowledged Monday that all the attention could hurt her re-election bid against Republican Bill Revoir, an ordained minister whom Torrice narrowly unseated two years ago in the swing district of southern Clinton Township.

I feel the photos are inappropriate and out of line for a person in public office, said Revoir, who served three terms as a commissioner. Carey is out there promoting herself and embarrassing her district and the county.

What a stuffed shirt. Lighten up, dude! Torrice disagreed with Revoir, saying the photos are fun, harmless depictions of a young elected official who defies the stereotypes of old, rigid politicians.

I hope people realize I am a good commissioner and work very hard, Torrice said. The voters are No. 1 to me, not acting in Hollywood.

Torrice points to her vocal support for veteran benefits, a successful proposal to reduce euthanasia at the county’s animal shelter and a push to get commissioners next year to take a 5% pay cut.

Whatever the case, Clinton Township residents are sounding off before they go to the polls Nov. 4.

The pictures are totally inappropriate in the times and crisis we’re having right now in the county, resident Bill Susick, 46, said. Right now I need a representative, not party girl.

Connie Delisle, 48, said Torrice is exactly that a representative.

She’s very genuine and caring and gets things done, Delisle said. A young, motivated, dynamic girl like her is a welcome change in the district.

So what do you think? Is it a BAD thing if your elected official is sizzling hot? Certainly can’t hurt industrial recruitment if this babe comes to the presentation. I’d never even heard of this place until this chick became its ambassador. If you can prove to me that a significant percentage of the local population looks like this, I may just move there!

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