Politicians We Want To See In Their Underwear

Politicians We Want To See In Their Underwear

If Italian Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi Silvio Berlusconi is any indication, Italy knows how to have some risqué fun when it comes to politics.

Nearly 50 municipal officials dropped their pants at Rome’s city hall in support of a passage of the capital’s 2010 budget, according to AFP.

So, what U.S. politicians, from both genders, are sexy enough that we want to see them strip like these guys?

Sarah Palin: Right off the bat, many conservatives are captivated by this Republican MILF. For someone who supports bear hunting, being a former politician and still looks like a lady, there’s something sexy about that, in a Davy Crockett Davy Crockett sort of way.

Sure, many Democrats call the former Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate ugly but it’s a safe bet that some say that because of political bias and they secretly want to see her in her baby seal-skinned panties.

JFK: The Elvis The Pelvis of politics, there was a reason why John F. Kennedy’s administration was known as Camelot.

He had the looks and the power and Americans loved him. There was another reason why women were burning their bras during the 1960s and it wasn’t because of liberation.

And with a long list of alleged mistresses, such as interns, hookers hookers and little known movie star Marilyn Monroe, there are probably many women today who would want to see JFK’s presidential briefs.

Scott Brown: Actually, here’s one politician who did more than drop his pants and we have photos of it.

The U.S. senator from Massachusetts has no problem being seen in the buff.

With his good looks and firm body, Brown is the type of man that make women in Massachusetts forget that he’s a Republican.

And Brown’s probably the next candidate to have a rumor created by jealous husbands that he likes to shove gerbils up his backside.

President Obama: After a photo of him at the beach was published, many women had a new reason to see Barack Obama in the White House and it wasn’t because of his high school cheerleading slogans either.

Out of political bias, many conservative ladies don’t want to admit that seeing a president who isn’t pigging-out on Big Macs is a huge plus compared to his Democratic predecessor.

Carey Torrice Torrice :You don’t know her? Not too many do. She’s a Democratic commissioner in Macomb County Macomb County, Michigan.

And as you can see, she doesn’t look like she minds dropping her pants. So how did this actress, model and private investigator get elected?

Because Torrice is smart and knows that sex sells.

She posted sexy pictures of herself on her Web site and TMZ.com stated that she was the hottest politician in America.

Maybe she can move to Italy.

Abe Lincoln: There was a reason why this Republican president walked around in a top hat and it wasn’t for a fashion statement.

Southern belles Southern belles were feeling feverish whenever they saw Lincoln’s 8-inch stovepipe hat.

Why, back in the 1800’s, there was a common saying:

The size of a man’s hat is the same size as his Lincoln Log.

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