It’s Showtime in Allen Park

It’s Showtime in Allen Park

Michigan’s hope to become a Midwest Hollywood is to take a big step forward today as Allen Park officials announce the creation of a $146-million production studio.

The project, called Unity Studios, is headed by Jimmy Lifton, a native of Detroit who is president of Oracle Post, a California production studio whose credits include work on such popular TV shows as “Heroes” and “Law & Order.”

Unity Studios is to cover 104 acres and occupy a former Visteon technical center off Southfield Road.

In a break for layoff-weary Michiganders, project spokesman Roger Martin said the studio will employ thousands of skilled workers, most of them in unionized trades.

Residents of Allen Park and “laid-off union workers from across the region will get first shot at the jobs,” he said.

Lifton and Allen Park officials are expected to reveal more details this afternoon. Meanwhile, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority is expected to consider tax incentives for the project.

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